Writing for CoLRiC Impact – FAQs and guidelines

I am interested in writing for CoLRiC Impact – what should I do?

CoLRiC welcomes the submission of articles by all members. If you have an idea for an article, please send an e-mail to the Admin team with a short outline/description of your proposed article.

I’ve never written an article before – can you help?

Writing an article can be daunting but we’ve created a template that can help you get started and ensure you have included all the information required. The Admin team will send you the template via email.

How many words should I write?

As an e-newsletter, articles published in CoLRiC Impact can be of any length. As a rough guideline, an article of 750-1000 words will become 2-4 pages of CoLRiC Impact, depending on the number of images used.

What happens after I submit an article?

Your article will be reviewed and copyedited. If we have any queries or suggestions, we will get back to you within a week of submission. We will also proofread your article before it is published in CoLRiC Impact.

What happens when my article is published?

Key lessons from your article, including quotes, will be included in the editorial of the issue, and will also be shared on our JiscMail discussion forum, our Twitter feed and our LinkedIn group.