Discussion forum

A key membership benefit of CoLRiC is access to our private discussion forum, hosted by JiscMail. In order to access the discussion forum, you must create an account with JiscMail.

Registration with JiscMail is free and employees at any member College can join using their work email address.

It’s a great place to ask a question, elicit feedback on a topic, initiate a research project, share a document or simply sound off about any issues that are concerning you. The forum underpins the CoLRiC community and is often cited as a key source of support for library and learning resource services professionals across the FE and Sixth Form College sector.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown the CoLRiC community discussed how libraries could and should be safely reopened. Many of these discussions were published in the first edition of CoLRiC’s Unlocking Libraries guidelines.

Topics our members have discussed are wide ranging including:

  • The significant increase in requests from tutors and curriculum teams for extended access to online journals and books because of the lockdown
  • Booking systems for libraries to manage social distancing by limiting the number of students using physical learning spaces and accessing PCs
  • Communication tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams for engaging with students online
  • Strategies for planning for and delivering virtual induction
  • Managing canteens, cafés and social spaces

You can access CoLRiC’s Members’ Only discussion forum here, or email our Administration team for further information. Please remember you must create your own JiscMail account to gain access.