Content highlights

2021-22 Academic year

May 2022

  • Contributing to the ‘digital college’ agenda at Bolton College
  • Recruiting successfully during a pandemic at Wakefield College

March 2022

  • Building a departmental digital strategy at Loreto College
  • Mystery in the Library at Buxton and Leek College and the University of Derby (game-based inductions)

November 2021

  • LibraryLive – the integration of library resources within the curriculum at The Trafford College Group
  • Spotlight on Emma Luby (Bradford College) – winner of the 2021 Jeff Cooper Award Inspirational Information Professional Award

2020-21 Academic year

August 2021

  • A tribute to Donald Mitchell
  • Moving a job role during a pandemic at The Manchester College

May 2021

  • Inspired by ESOL Virtual Exhibition at Bradford College
  • Winning the Best Practice Award – what happened next at Northampton College?

March 2021

  • There is no ‘i’ in Teams at Isle of Wight College
  • Writing peer reviewed articles for UKSG Insights at Middlesbrough College

November 2020

2019-20 Academic year

July 2020

  • Doing it all at once! Changing campuses (and everything else) at the University of Northampton
  • Future proofing skills for students and staff at the College of West Anglia

April 2020

February 2020

December 2019

  • Are you accessible? Meeting Digital Accessibility Regulations
  • Are all types of reading equal, or are some more equal than others?

2018-19 Academic year

October 2019

  • Keeping students ‘appy’: a social media digital strategy at Oldham Sixth Form College
  • Crime Tour: a gamified library induction at Solihull College

July 2019

  • Improving and developing IT skills – Northampton College’s Digital Capabilities Scheme
  • Twitter: a tool for internal advocacy and service growth at Chichester College

May 2019

  • Watch this space: creating, repurposing and improving library spaces at Oldham Sixth Form College
  • Getting to know CoLRiC Co-Chair Corinne Walker

March 2019

  • Supporting apprentices and other remote users at Bournemouth & Poole College
  • The Road Ahead – being stronger together

January 2019

  • The Maths Magician numeracy scheme at Northampton College

December 2018

  • Information and Digital Practitioners: building student digital skills at Exeter College