Performance and Impact Indicators

Introduction CoLRiC carries out an annual survey of library and learning resources services in FE and sixth form colleges against a set of performance and impact indicators. The results are collated each year and published in the members’ area of the CoLRiC website. Findings have proved helpful to colleagues when analysing their own situations and, […]

Procedure for a Peer Assessment

There are two stages to having your College Learning Resources Services assessed under CoLRiC’s Peer Accreditation Scheme: Stage One: registration You register with the Scheme. CoLRiC will send you a list of the criteria for assessment and a checklist of documents you will need to produce as evidence of your Service’s performance against the criteria. […]

Peer Accreditation Scheme

About the Scheme The Peer Accreditation Scheme was launched in 1997 to support the FE inspection framework with objective peer reviews of Learning Resources provision by professionally qualified and experienced colleagues. The reviews have a particular focus on the impact of Learning Centres on curriculum development and the contribution toward retention and achievement successes. In […]

Peer Accreditation Scheme structure

The Scheme has been revised into four sections which emphasis vision, leadership and management, and collaboration in teaching and learning. It reflects the holistic role of a Learning Resources Service in an organisation and the support it gives to positive learner experience and success. Assessment acknowledges the range of activity and partnerships in which a […]

Quality and accreditation


One of CoLRiC’s primary aims is to improve the quality of college library and learning resource services in Further Education and Sixth Form Colleges across the UK. Assessment, benchmarking and the celebration of creativity and innovation are key elements in this process. Our prestigious peer accreditation scheme, annual survey and awards portfolio help raise the […]