Vision and strategy


Since 1993 CoLRiC has evolved and moulded itself to reflect the changing climate and needs of librarians working in this sector. We have celebrated real successes and have awarded those who have gone above and beyond within their day to day work roles

After consultation with its members, CoLRiC published a three-year strategy founded on three key tenets: ‘Opportunity, Community and Influence.’


We are keen to build on our successes, encouraging inclusivity and extending our reach to a wider organisational demographic; ensuring that all of our colleagues from early career staff to senior managers are able to join in discussions and make the most of our resources and services.


We are keen to extend and develop our digital spaces to enable members to communicate and learn from each other at a time and place that suits them.


CoLRiC will ensure that it utilises its expertise and research activity to continue to inform and influence developments on a national level.