Announcing the winner of the CoLRiC Jeff Cooper Inspirational Information Professional of the Year Award 2022

CoLRiC is delighted to announce that the winner of the prestigious Jeff Cooper Inspirational Information Professional of the Year Award for 2022 is New City College’s Vanessa Munro.

The Award is presented in celebration of proactive, creative and enthusiastic individual contributions to team working that demonstrate:

  • A positive and demonstrable impact on service delivery
  • Active engagement with academic staff, curriculum colleagues and students.

Vanessa’s contribution as Learning Resources Assistant impressed the panel for several reasons. Her:

  • Creative and engaging transformation of the library and learning spaces through art
  • Excellent partnership and collaboration with teachers and students, evidenced by overwhelmingly positive feedback
  • Commitment to literacy and the joy of reading
  • Dedication to service excellence through her continuing professional development, most notably by learning the unique language programme Makaton.

Vanessa is elated to receive the award.

‘I am so grateful to CoLRiC. It’s fantastic to receive recognition for the work I do with the students. I would like to thank my managers – Elaine Brown and Audrey Stranders – and all my colleagues for supporting me in the development of this focused learning resource service.  Our aim is to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for our amazing students. Developing their capabilities and supporting their needs have always been our priority. I feel proud of what we have achieved.’


Audrey Stranders, Group Director of Learning Resources Centres, is ‘delighted to share and celebrate Vanessa’s achievements.’

Special thanks go to Liz McGettigan, Director of Digital Library Experiences at SOLUS UK, for being the external judge for this award.