Peer Accreditation Scheme

About the Scheme

The Peer Accreditation Scheme was launched in 1997 to support the FE inspection framework with objective peer reviews of Learning Resources provision by professionally qualified and experienced colleagues. The reviews have a particular focus on the impact of Learning Centres on curriculum development and the contribution toward retention and achievement successes.

In 2011 the Scheme went through a process of revision and the new Scheme was launched in Spring 2012.

Details (presentation given at the CoLRiC event, Stockport, May 2016)

Further details (special edition of the CoLRiC Newsletter)

The benefits of accreditation

  • Provides a rigorous evaluation of the service within the context of available resources
  • Assesses how effectively development of the Service is supported by its Organisation
  • Offers impartial advice on potential service development
  • Supplies a recognised national quality mark and evidence for Ofsted inspection.

How does it work?

Trained CoLRiC Assessors visit the college and evaluate the quality and impact  of the Learning Resources Service using a constructed standard of an excellent service. This is in the form of a list of criteria against which the Service is compared. The Service is given a grade based on the evidence presented.

The criteria can also be used as the basis of a self assessment of the Learning Resources Service.

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Further information

To enquire about registering with the Scheme, please contact the CoLRiC Administrator (contact details) or complete the form below.