Performance and Impact Indicators


CoLRiC carries out an annual survey of library and learning resources services in FE and sixth form colleges against a set of performance and impact indicators. The results are collated each year and published in the members’ area of the CoLRiC website. Findings have proved helpful to colleagues when analysing their own situations and, over the longer term, as a useful indicator of trends over time.

Review of the indicators

Although using the same indicators each year provides an indication of trends over time, we recognise that the indicators will need updating occasionally so that they remain useful and relevant. They were last reviewed during summer 2014 when we asked CoLRiC members to complete a short review form. The responses indicated that the current indicators remain relevant and useful and so we did not need to change the design of the 2015, 2016 or 2017 surveys.

The indicators were previously reviewed in Summer 2011 and in response to feedback from CoLRiC members we amended the questions slightly in the 2012 and following surveys. We refined the questions for students to make them less ambiguous and we added an extra question for staff regarding involvement in the college VLE.

PII survey 2017

We have just completed the fifteenth annual survey. Details

PII survey 2016

The findings of the 2016 survey are available in the members area of this site. The findings of previous surveys can also be found here.

About the indicators

The indicators focus on the qualitative aspects of a learning resources service performance covering five key areas:

  • Service usage
  • User attitudes to satisfaction
  • User-service interface
  • Finding and using information
  • Integration with curriculum delivery

We believe that students who use the learning resources service and succeed in their college work reflect success for the service as much as other areas of the college environment.