Peer Accreditation Scheme structure

The Scheme has been revised into four sections which emphasis vision, leadership and management, and collaboration in teaching and learning. It reflects the holistic role of a Learning Resources Service in an organisation and the support it gives to positive learner experience and success. Assessment acknowledges the range of activity and partnerships in which a modern Learning Resources Service will be engaged.

Leadership and management

This section evaluates the mission and vision for the Learning Resources Service. An effective Learning Resources Service will be in alignment with the mission and vision of the Organisation. The designated Service Manager will have a clear role in the operation and development of the College. Leaders and managers at all levels will market the Learning Resources Service, influence others and set and maintain the Service profile.


This section assesses the management of resources across the organisation as it affects the Learning Resources Service. Resources include physical and learning environments, staff, financial allocation and information collection in all formats.

Integration into teaching and learning

A Learning Resources Service contributes to College success rates. The impact of learning resources is related to the independent learning and IT skills of students and staff. This section, therefore, assesses the effectiveness of the Learning Resources Service in supporting the development of these skills alongside the role of learning resources in supporting teaching and learning. This is wide ranging and will include areas such as supporting different styles of learning, supporting the development of curriculum teams, taking the lead on ‘e’-learning initiatives and contributing to the success rates of the Organisation. Collection development will support the above.

Quality Assurance

This is the mechanism by which leadership and management are measured, evaluated, and reviewed for improvement. Assessors will judge the effectiveness of the contributions made by internal and external partnerships, the learner voice, staff development and Continuing Professional Development. Value for money will also be a contributing factor.

Further information

For further information about the Scheme and how to register, please contact the CoLRIC Administrator. Contact details.