Procedure for a Peer Assessment

There are two stages to having your College Learning Resources Services assessed under CoLRiC’s Peer Accreditation Scheme:

Stage One: registration

You register with the Scheme. CoLRiC will send you a list of the criteria for assessment and a checklist of documents you will need to produce as evidence of your Service’s performance against the criteria. If you wish, you can use these resources to carry out a self-assessment of your Service and not proceed any further.

Stage Two: the Assessment

You request a Peer Assessment of your Service. CoLRiC will agree with you a date for your assessment and arrange for at least two trained Assessors to visit your Service on that day


You will collect together the documents required as evidence, some of which you will send to CoLRiC in advance. Most agree that this is the part of the process that takes the longest time. You will also draw up a timetable for the assessment day in consultation with CoLRiC.

Assessment day

During the assessment day, the Assessors will view the service in operation, interview staff, students and senior management and study the data and information available to them. At the end of the day the Assessors will give initial feedback, describing the strengths and emerging strengths of the Service and areas for development. They will also give an assessment grade.

Following assessment

Within 15 days CoLRiC will provide a formal report of the assessment findings. CoLRiC will also send a certificate stating the awarded grade; this is valid for three years.

Futher information

Please contact the CoLRiC Administrator for more information about the Scheme and how to register. Contact details.