Unlocking libraries – CoLRiC guidance for post lockdown reopening


CoLRiC’s ‘Unlocking Libraries’ is our response to the global pandemic, lockdown and subsequent reopening of schools and colleges. It captures many of your concerns, ideas and experiences. This invaluable post-lockdown guidance document shares advice and information on how best to progress access to services to ensure the safety of staff and students. CoLRiC’s primary concern is to share best practice and offer support and guidance during this difficult time. ‘Unlocking Libraries’ has evolved out of the conversations that our members have been having on the CoLRiC JiscMail discussion forum. Members have raised concerns, shared ideas and asked questions. For your convenience, we captured this information and collated it with valuable advice and information from external sources. Thanks to everybody who contributed to the discussions about reopening libraries.

‘Unlocking Libraries’ has received significant publicity and support in the national FE media. Due to considerable interest and queries from other colleagues, we made Unlocking Libraries freely available. It has been acknowledged by Jisc, CILIP and NHS library services as a key contribution to post-shutdown guidance.

Please also note the recent Libraries Connected Service Recovery Toolkit, prepared in consultation with Public Health England (PHE) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and updated on 20.05.21, alongside CILIP’s Service Recovery Hub.

Unlocking libraries CoLRiC Guidance for post lockdown reopening
Unlocking libraries CoLRiC Guidance for post lockdown reopening