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Sixth form college survey 2016/17

The findings of the survey are now available in the members' area. View


The first CoLRiC survey of library/learning resources services in sixth form colleges was undertaken in 2006/07 and the second in 2014/15. With this second survey it was hoped to re-establish the survey on a more regular basis to provide library/learning resources services in sixth form colleges with a helpful measure of their own situations and a useful indicator of sector trends over time. A third survey was therefore undertaken in 2016/17, repeating that of two years ago.

Areas covered

The areas covered in this latest survey were the sames as those in the second survey. These were amended from those in the first survey following a consultation with CoLRiC sixth form college members in January 2014. They include budgets, opening times, staffing, size, study spaces, facilities and services, resources, user education, useage, VLE, technology and e-books.

The survey

All sixth form college library/learning resource centres were invited to complete the survey, both CoLRiC members and non-members.The deadline for responses was extended to Friday 17th February 2017.

The findings

A copy of the findings has been sent to all who participated. It is also available to CoLRiC members in the members area of the CoLRiC website.

View 2016/17 findings

View previous findings

Updated Wednesday 3 May 2017