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CoLRiC constitution

1. Name

The name of the organisation is the Council for Learning Resources in Colleges, hereafter referred to as CoLRiC.

2. Aim

CoLRiC’s aim is to act as an independent support agency in the provision of library/learning resources services in the post-16 and HE in FE sector.

3. Definition of library/learning resources services

A library/learning resources service can be defined in this context as being an integrated service that is recognised by the college as providing learning resources and appropriate work spaces, services, facilities, associated expertise and staff to support teaching and learning.

4. Function

CoLRiC will support colleges in the post-16 and HE in FE sector by:

  • Setting nationally recognised standards of provision in liaison with relevant organisations.
  • Recognising achievements in quality by accreditation and award.
  • Providing opportunities for networking and the sharing of good practice.
  • Delivering events on subjects of professional relevance.
  • Advocating for the role and impact of library/learning resources services in supporting teaching and learning.

5. Membership

5.1. Membership of CoLRiC is open to institutions in the post-16 and HE in FE sector.

5.2. Individuals may apply to become individual members of CoLRiC

5.3. The subscription rates will be set each year by the Executive Committee to operate from September of that year.

6. Executive Committee (EC)

6.1. The EC will consist of:

  • Up to 15 members drawn from institutions which are in membership of CoLRiC, to be balanced, where possible, by type of establishment and area.
  • Co-opted members, as appropriate.

6.2. The Officers of the EC will be drawn from the EC and shall consist of a Chair Person, a Treasurer and a Vice-Chair. These may be shared roles. Other members of the EC will be appointed to specific roles as appropriate.

6.3. All members of the EC shall have full voting rights.

6.4. Appointments to the EC

Members will be recruited to the EC through a normal selection process:

  • Vacancies for specific EC roles will be advertised as they occur.
  • Members who wish to be considered must complete an application form and obtain a reference and a commitment agreement from their institution.
  • Suitable candidates will be interviewed and selected by EC Officers.

6.5. Appointment of Officers

6.5.1. Officers will be appointed from within the EC through a vote by EC members.

6.5.2. Should a position fall vacant, the EC may immediately appoint a replacement Officer, the appointment to be confirmed at the next Committee Meeting and publicised in the next issue of the Newsletter.

6.5.3. If deemed necessary, the EC will commission one or more individuals to provide administration services and to carry out specific tasks. They will be remunerated, but will not be employed by the Council. Their appointment and remuneration will be confirmed at a Committee Meeting.

6.6. Period of service:

6.6.1. EC members will indicate their commitment for the following year at the annual planning meeting.

6.6.2. EC members will be reviewed annually by the Chair Person.

6.6.3. The Chair Person’s period of office will be four years; the EC to review every two years. After four years, the Chair Person will have the option of re-applying for the role, along with all other EC members.

6.6.4. The Treasurer and Vice-Chair will be reviewed annually by the Chair Person.

6.6.5. Co-opted members' appointments to be reviewed annually and continued if appropriate.

6.6.6. Commissioned services to be monitored and reviewed annually by the EC.

6.7. Functions of the EC:

  • To plan and carry out activities in support of CoLRiC’s aims and in response to members’ needs.
  • To plan and run agreed projects.
  • To approve expenditure to support activities.
  • To respond to national initiatives.
  • To listen to and to respond to members’ requests.

6.8. Decisions that need to be made promptly may be delegated to the Chair Person, Treasurer and Vice-Chair.

7. Annual report and strategic planning

7.1. The EC will provide an annual report and an annual financial statement. This will be communicated to members through the newsletter, the JISCmail forum and the CoLRiC website.

7.2. Policy and strategy formulated by the EC will be communicated to members for their approval through the newsletter, the JISCmail forum and the CoLRiC website

8. Amendments to the constitution

The constitution will be reviewed annually by the EC at the Annual Planning Day. Changes will be communicated to members for their approval through the newsletter, the JISCmail forum and the CoLRiC website.

Amended June 2017


Updated Friday 15 Dec 2017